Chapter 31. Software -Server/File Sharing-Network

Table of Contents
31.1. Linux Samba Server
31.2. Configure Samba
31.3. Compile and optimize
31.4. Configurations
31.5. Configuration of the /etc/smb.conf file
31.6. Configure the /etc/lmhosts file
31.7. Encrypted Samba password file for clients
31.8. Optimizing Samba
31.9. Tuning the buffermem
31.10. Further documentation
31.11. Samba Administrative Tools
31.12. The /etc/rc.d/init.d/smb script file
31.13. Installed files

Enterprise-level organizations often use different operating systems for handling many kind of jobs and have the need to keep them in a networked environment for files sharing and printers. Employees may work on workstations like Linux, Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT, OS/2 or Novel and still need to access the server in their daily work. A Linux server with Samba support can be used for these activities.