5.5. The /etc/exports file

If you are exporting file systems using NFS service, be sure to configure the /etc/exports file with the most restrictive access possible. This means not using wildcards, not allowing root write access, and mounting read-only wherever possible.

Example 5-1. Export file systems using NFS

Edit the exports file vi /etc/exports and add:

            /dir/to/export host1.mydomain.com(ro,root_squash)
            /dir/to/export host2.mydomain.com(ro,root_squash)

For this change to take effect you will need to run the following command on your terminal:

            [root@deep]# /usr/sbin/exportfs -a

Note: Please be aware that having an NFS service available on your system can be a security risk. Personally, I don't recommend using it.