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 June 2001 Linux Journal

The June issue of Linux Journal focuses on world domination! No, actually it focuses on Internationalization & Emerging Markets, but it does have a cool cover picture of penguins erecting a Linux flag on the South Pole, with sixteen national flags in the background. Inside, there's a security article called "Paranoid Penguin", and a game review about taming monsters (Heroes of Might and Magic III).

Copies are available at newsstands now. Click here to view the table of contents, or here to subscribe.

All articles through December 1999 are available for public reading at Recent articles are available on-line for subscribers only at

 May/June 2001 Embedded Linux Journal

The May/June issue of Embedded Linux Journal focuses on Cross Development and includes an overview of the second ELJ contest, based on the New Internet Computer (NIC). Subscriptions are free to qualified applicants in North America - sign up at

 Linux Journal's 2001 Buyer's Guide

 Linux Journal's 2001 Buyer's Guide is on sale now. It is the only comprehensive directory of Linux-related vendors and services, and is well-known as the definitive resource for Linux users. The guide includes a quick-reference chart to more than twenty Linux distributions, and with over 1600 listings, the guide is bigger than ever. For more information visit

The guide is available on newsstands through August 1, 2001, and is available at the Linux Journal Store on-line at

Distro News

 Russian Distributions of Linux

This spring two new distributions of Linux came out in Russia.

ASP-Linux is based on Red Hat 7.0, and has been modified to provide the Linux 2.4 kernel as an installation option and given a new installation program that can be run from Windows to partition and install ASPLinux as a dual-boot option on an existing Windows machine. The installation program is called EspressoDownload. Although ASPLinux has strong Singaporean connections, the development team is largely Russian.

ALT Linux is a decendant of Mandrake Linux. The creators of this distribution were previously known as IP Labs Linux Team, but now have firm of their own. ALT Linux are distributing a beta-version of their new server distribution ALT Linux Castle. This distribution will have crypt_blowfish as main password hashing algorithm and a chrooted environment for all base services. Download is available.


Caldera Systems, Inc. has announced its completion of the acquisition of The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc. (SCO) Server Software and Professional Services divisions, UnixWare and OpenServer technologies. Caldera will now be able to offer "customized solutions through expanded professional services". Furthermore, Caldera has also acquired the assets of the WhatifLinux technology from Acrylis Inc. WhatifLinux technology provides Open Source users and system administrators with Internet-delivered tools and services for faster, more reliable software management.

Caldera has announced the launch of the Caldera Developer Network. Caldera developers, including members of the Open Source developer community, will have early access to UNIX and Linux technologies, allowing them to develop on UNIX, on Linux, or on a combined UNIX and Linux platform. This, plus the network's worldwide support and additional services, will enable members to build and develop their products with globally portable applications and get to market faster.


MandrakeSoft have just announced the availability of their latest version, 8.0, in download format. This includes the newest version of the graphical environments KDE (2.1.1) and GNOME (1.4) featuring many new enhancements and applications. The 8.0 version promises to be the most powerful and complete Linux-Mandrake distribution while at the same time retaining the simplicity of installation and use that has made MandrakeSoft a recognized leader in the Linux field.


Version 1.4 of ROCK Linux is ready to roll. This version is "intended" for production use, although the announcement warns that waiting another minor release or two would be prudent. ROCK is often referred to as being "harder to install" than other distributions. This is not strictly true. It aims to remain as close to the upstream software as possible rather than offering distribution bells and whistles. That said, a binary install is pretty easy, and a source install is not out of the question for an experienced user. ROCK does not contain an intrusive set of system administration utilities. The ROCK philosophy might be worth reading as would their guide.


SuSE Linux 7.2 will be available June 15th. It includes kernel 2.4.4, KDE 2.12 and Gnome 1.4.

In addition, 7.2 for Intel's Itanium-based (64-bit) systems will be released June 20th, but this version will be available directly from SuSE only.

IBM have announced that iSeries, the successor to AS/400, will be generally available on May 25. SuSE Linux is the first, and so far the only provider offering a Linux operating environment for the IBM iSeries range. In combination with patches that can be downloaded for free from the SuSE ftp server. SuSE Linux 7.1 for PowerPC is the first Linux operating system available for the IBM iSeries.
SuSE Linux, has also announced the availability of the complete SuSE Linux 7.1 package in Japanese as a free download with full support in Japanese.
SuSE will release SuSE Linux 7.1 for Compaq's AlphaServer systems by the end of May.

News in General

 Upcoming conferences and events

Listings courtesy Linux Journal. See LJ's Events page for the latest goings-on.

Linux Expo, Milan
June 6-7, 2001
Milan, Italy

Linux Expo Montréal
June 13-14, 2001
Montréal, Canada

Open Source Handhelds Summit
June 18-19, 2001
Austin, TX

USENIX Annual Technical Conference
June 25-30, 2001
Boston, MA

PC Expo
June 26-29, 2001
New York, NY

Internet World Summer
July 10-12, 2001
Chicago, IL

O'Reilly Open Source Convention
July 23-27, 2001
San Diego, CA

10th USENIX Security Symposium
August 13-17, 2001
Washington, D.C.

HunTEC Technology Expo & Conference
Hosted by Hunstville IEEE
August 17-18, 2001
Huntsville, AL
URL unkown at present

August 25-26, 2001
Dayton, OH

LinuxWorld Conference & Expo
August 27-30, 2001
San Francisco, CA

Red Hat TechWorld Brussels
September 17-18, 2001
Brussels, Belgium

The O'Reilly Peer-to-Peer Conference
September 17-20, 2001
Washington, DC

Linux Lunacy
Co-Produced by Linux Journal and Geek Cruises

Send a Friend LJ and Enter to Win a Cruise!
October 21-28, 2001
Eastern Caribbean

LinuxWorld Conference & Expo
October 30 - November 1, 2001
Frankfurt, Germany

5th Annual Linux Showcase & Conference
November 6-10, 2001
Oakland, CA

Strictly e-Business Solutions Expo
November 7-8, 2001
Houston, TX

LINUX Business Expo
Co-located with COMDEX
November 12-16, 2001
Las Vegas, NV

15th Systems Administration Conference/LISA 2001
December 2-7, 2001
San Diego, CA

 Linux@work Europe 2001 for FREE -- call for participation.

For the third year, LogOn Technology Transfer will be organizing a series of Linux events throughout Europe called "Linux@work". Each "Linux@work" is composed by a conference and an exhibits. These 1-day, city-to-city events, will take place in several European venues in 2001. Among the keynote speakers: Jon "maddog" Hall, President Linux International and Robert J. Chassel, Executive Director Free Software Foundation. To register and for the full conference programs:

 Linux NetworX Expands Market Reach into Europe

Linux NetworX, a provider of Linux cluster computing solutions, has announced an international partner/distributor agreement with France-based Athena Global Services. Athena Global Services, a leading value-added distributor of new IT technologies in France, is the first authorized Linux NetworX distributor in Europe. The Linux NetworX newsletter has more details.

 TeamLinux | explore New Interactive Kiosk Product Line

TeamLinux | explore have announced the immediate availability of a complete product line including six new units. Ranging in suggested base price from $1,499 to $6,500, the kiosks are designed for a wide variety of business environments and offer a selection of optional feature packages to suit the multimedia and transactional needs of users. The TeamLinux | explore's new kiosk line incorporates multiple performance and peripheral options including touch screens, printers, magnetic card devices, modems, keyboard and pointing devices, videoconferencing capabilities, and wireless connectivity.

 IBM Offers KDE Tutorial

IBM has added a free tutorial on desktop basics using "K Desktop Environment" or KDE to its growing collection on the developerWorks Linux Zone. This tutorial will teach Linux users of ever level to customize thier own KDE GUI. Released February 26, KDE 2.1 addresses the need for an Internet-enabled desktop for Linux.

 Linux Breakfast

Times N Systems is hosting a technology breakfast series and would like to invite you. Their technology focuses on IP-SAN and storage virtualization...and works well with Linux.

The breakfast is educational and they have got Tom Henderson from Extreme Labs coming to speak. RSVP online.

 Linux Links

Trashing your filesystem with dump: why 'dump' is not a safe backup tool for Linux. Short Linux Weekly News article with a quote from Linus. Duke of URL Slashdot stories of interest:


Bad economy is good for open source.

Microsoft denounces open source.

mamalinux is one of Montreal's largest Linux portals.

May 9 (1996) was the day that Linus Torvalds said he wanted a penguin to be the mascot for Linux... a cute and cuddly one at that... :). So, belatedly, you can view A Complete History of Tux (So Far) as a kind of birthday celebration. are watching TV with Zapping under Linux.

A correspondent has recently written an article showing how Xalan-J can be used in a Java servlet to perform XSL transformations and to output HTML and WML. Perhaps of interest.

Recycling computer debris.

Software Announcements

 ssh 2.9

ssh 2.9 has been released. Thanks to LWN for the story.

 Aladdin StuffIt: Linux and Solaris Betas

Aladdin Systems, Inc. unveiled public beta versions of StuffIt its compression technology , and StuffIt Expander, a decompression utility, for Linux and for Sun's Solaris operating systems. StuffIt for Linux and Solaris can be utilized to create Zip, StuffIt, Binhex, MacBinary, Uuencode, Unix Compress, self-extracting archives for Windows or Macintosh platforms and it can be used to expand all of the above plus tar files, bzip, gzip, arj, lha, rar, BtoAtext and Mime. The StuffIt public beta for Linux can be downloaded at, and StuffIt for Solaris beta can be downloaded at


XFce is a GTK+-based desktop environment that's lighter in weight (i.e., uses less memory) than Gnome or KDE. Applications include a panel (XFce), a window manager (XFwm), a file manager, a backdrop manager, etc. Version 3.8.1 includes drag and drop, and session management support. Several shell scripts are provided as drag and drop "actions" for panel controls (e.g., throw a file into the trash, print a file). All configuration is via mouse-driven dialogs.

 Heroix Announces Heroix eQ Management Suite for Linux

Heroix Corporation have released the Heroix eQ Management Suite, which unifies management of Windows 2000, Windows NT, Unix, and Linux Systems. The new product family improves the performance and availability of eBusiness and other critical applications by unifying monitoring and management of multiplatform computing environments.

 New Product Brings Computation to the Web

Wolfram Research Inc. is pleased to announce the upcoming release of webMathematica, which is a solution for including interactive computations over the web. While not yet officially released, it is currently available to select customers under the preview program.

There has been significant interest in webMathematica during the testing phase, resulting in several new partnerships for Wolfram Research. Select banks, engineering firms, and other institutions are already using webMathematica. See for examples of possible webMathematica applications.

 Lutris To Speed Development of Web and Mobile Applications with Hewlett Packard

Lutris Technologies Inc., a provider of application server technology for wired and wireless development and deployment, has announced a sales and marketing agreement with Hewlett-Packard to deliver Lutris Enhydra 3.5 to HP's customers for developing and deploying enterprise-level applications on HP Netserver systems running Linux and Windows 2000. The solution will enable the creation and deployment of Internet and wireless Web applications.

 QuickDNS 3.5 for Linux

Reykjavik, Iceland-- Men & Mice release QuickDNS 3.5, a comprehensive DNS management system for Linux systems. QuickDNS is the leading DNS management system for Mac for nearly 5 years. QuickDNS on Linux will enable simultaneous management of DNS servers on different platforms, using an easy-to-use interface. Setting up QuickDNS is simple as it runs on top of BIND 8.2.x.

QuickDNS 3.5 retails for $495 for one licence and $790 for a pack of two licences. Free downloads are also available

 Opera News

Opera Software and Google Inc., developer of the award-winning Google search engine, have signed a strategic agreement under which Opera will integrate Google's advanced search technology into its search box feature on the Opera Web Browser. Available now, direct access to Google's search technology enables Opera users to quickly search and browse more than 1.3 billion Internet pages.

Opera Software have launched a new version of Opera for Linux. Opera 5 (final) offers an Internet experience for the Linux platform as hassle-free as on Windows. Today's release affirms Opera Software's leadership in cross-platform browser development.

In addition to the usual Opera features such as speed, size and stability, users will find exciting features not yet implemented in the Windows version. The extensive customization possibilities for user settings, additional drag-and-drop features and the Hotlist search function are features only available in the Linux version. An add supported version of Opera 5 is available for free download.

 New Free Xbase Compiler: Max 2.0

PlugSys have announced availability of Max 2.0 Free Edition, the 32-bit Xbase compiler for Linux and Windows providing free registration to application developers worldwide. Using classic Xbase commands and functions, Max developers write character-based applications that access data from FoxPro, dBASE and Clipper. To ensure scalability, Max also connects to all popular SQL databases. The product can be downloaded from the web site.

 Loki Games and Nokia

Nokia and Loki have formed an Agreement to Distribute Linux Games with the Nokia Media Terminal, a new "infotainment" device that combines digital video broadcast, gaming, Internet access, and personal video recorder technology. As part of the agreement Linux-based games from Loki will be pre-installed on the Media Terminal. Anticipated roll out of the Media Terminal will be early Fall in Europe. Nokia is demonstrating the Media Terminal and will show the open source network at the E3 exhibition in Los Angeles 16-19 May.

Loki Software, Inc. have announce that MindRover: The Europa Project for Linux will ship on Wednesday, May 23. MindRover from CogniToy is the 3D strategy/programming game enabling players to create autonomous robotic vehicles and compete them in races, battles and sports. MindRover has an SRP of $29.95, and is now available for preorder from the new Loki webstore. A list of resellers is also available.

 VMware/Cisco Mutliple OSs on a Single Box and Streaming Media

VMware Inc., announced that Cisco Systems, Inc. will use VMware GSX Server to provide a streamlined, cost-effective streaming media solution. Cisco will integrate VMware GSX Server to support multiple streaming media formats-such as Microsoft Windows and Real Networks-on a single Cisco Content Engine. The solution enables Cisco to support streaming media with less hardware and lower costs. Server products represent a major new market for VMware, as more and more corporate customers look for ways to reduce the amount of server and appliance hardware.

 Version 0.7.1 of OSALP Available

Beta release 0.7.1 of the Open Source Audio Library Project has been released (Linux, Solaris Sparc, and FreeBSD). The OSALP library is a C++ class library that provides the functionality one needs to perform high level audio programming. The base classes allow for building audio functionality in a chain. The derived classes support such functions as audio editting, mixing, timer recording, reading, writing, and a high quality sample rate converter. New in the 0.7.1 release is support for FreeBSD, numerous bug fixes, new Makefile system, and a new mp3 reader module based on the open source splay library.

 Other software

Workstation Solutions, have announced new Windows and Linux platform support for its Quick Restore backup and recovery software. This broadened platform support extends the quick implementation, easy operation, and comprehensive scope of Quick Restore across Microsoft Windows 2000, UNIX, and Linux operating environments.
The Internet Exchange Messaging Server 5.0 Beta from IMA is a complete, standalone, open architecture messaging solution with components that can be run on a single machine or in a distributed environment. It supports Windows 98, 2000, NT and major linux distributions including Redhat Linux, SuSE Linux, Mandrake, Caldera OpenLinux, TurboLinux and VALinux. It now also makes TNEF Mail Attachments Usable By Non-Microsoft Mail Clients by converting TNEF attachments as they pass through the main mail server.

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