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Dan Wilder

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Updated: 2002-09-27

Bio picture Dan was born in the late Pleistocene before mortals were allowed contact with computers. Raised on a diet of grilled Wooly Mammoth, he wrote his first program in high school, for an IBM 7090 in a language called MAD. Following a meandering career as a sound technician, auto worker, offset pressman, photographer, mechanic, roustabout and journalist, Dan entered Forestry School. There, an evil lecturer gave Dan the keys to a dark room in the cellar. There lurked an IBM 1130 computer, and there Dan met his doom.

Following completion of his Forestry degree and extended sojourns as a real-time embedded systems programmer and UNIX sysadmin, Dan found himself on the Western Shores, where he joined the staff of Specialized Systems Consultants, Inc. publishers of Linux Journal. Dan now plays with Linux systems all day, and more of the night than his dear and patient wife Jacque might prefer.

Dan spends his spare time hiking, reading to his two children, and doing volunteer gardening at their school.