...making Linux just a little more fun!

Frank Rodolf

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Updated: 2001-10-19

Bio picture After his first experiences with a Sinclair ZX-80 (with a whopping 1 KB RAM) when in 9th grade - at least, that's what it would be called in the US - Frank was addicted to computers.

When he first got to play with Linux (an SLS distribution with kernel 0.98.xx), he was impressed, but - having no experience with Unices at all - had no real use for it. Writing applications for small companies and tutoring students in IT-related classes meant using the standard (DOS-based) software.

Things changed when he got a new PC. Now he could play with other OSes on the old PC. Kernel 1.2.10 being available by now, Linux had gotten much more stable and thus much more fun to experiment with. After a short while, Linux was the main OS on the new machine too - DOS being hidden behind a dual boot that was hardly ever used anymore.

After having had various office jobs, Frank accepted a job as Unix system administrator with the biggest Dutch ICT service provider - now, after a merger, officially a French company - in August 1998.

Nowadays Frank is working at the offices of a large (Dutch) multinational, where he is responsible for various servers running HP-UX and Linux (both RedHat and Mandrake), where he wears his RHCE-pin every now and again, to remind some of his co-workers who are MCSE's, that there is more than just "the other OS".

At home, when Frank is not on the phone with his girlfriend in BC, Canada, playing backgammon online or working on his website (about books), he experiments with various distributions, currently using Mandrake on his main machine.

Frank lives in the Netherlands.