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Updated: 2002-07-30

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Bio picture My real name is Udo Pütz. See, unpronouncable to most english speakers and therefore I go by my old C64 computername. I've been studying physics here in germany (quite close to Karl-Heinz) and now kind of work in a laser-lab at the university. I've been brought to Linux via a friend who helps me a lot, and since I don't have to help him I joined TAG to help others. Since I use debian and like it very much I'm also quite active in debianhelp.org. I know my way around the internals already pretty good, but in programming matters I'm still a newbie and since I couldn't find some good pointers on the net I started www.linux-programming-newbie.org to tell others who are in the same situation what I have figured out so far. For entertainment I like to watch movies, but since dvd drives are kinda loud I wrote a tool called vobcopy to rip them to disk and watch them from there. That's about it.