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Guy Milliron

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Updated: 2002-05-31

picture Guy grew up in SillyCon Valley (San Jose/San Francisco Bay area) where frequent road signs say Intel, HP, Apple, etc...

Starting at an early age of 10, when Guy took the 27" console television apart one afternoon when the parental units were busy elsewhere, they learned to keep him at bay with his own personal electronic components. It started with a Radio Shack 200 in 1 electronic test kit. Quickly he grew into computers (Apple ][ series - TTL chip sets). Guy entered into an electronics course at school, but was more capable of teaching the course than the teacher. So he was given run of the class to do whatever projects he came up with.

After high school, Guy joined the working people. He worked in IT/MIS for such companies as Adept Technologies (Robotics), Micro Focus (COBOL), Apple, Ibm... His interests in hardware quickly grew into interests in software too. Reading any technical book about any OS, he quickly learned about DOS, Win, OS/2, MacOS... Taking him to a new job title, OS Tech. He heard about Slackware Linux. Obtained a copy, never really thought it would take off and shelved the project.

Guy operated a FidoNet based BBS for many years. Always trying to get more out of the computer by trying different operating systems. Connectivity really interested Guy.

Continued life working for various Microsoft based companies (QualComm, Stac Electronics). Until one day in the late 90's, he heard about Red Hat Linux. Once again, obtained a copy, installed it... and promptly deleted Windows (much to the annoyance of the people in his household). Ended up buying more computers, one specific to Windows for those less apt at Linux, but kept playing with Linux.

Today, Guy runs Red Hat Linux on several systems offering dns, webhosting, email services... to small businesses. (He also has one Windows machine,) He also also, operates a taxicab and karaoke hosting business in Las Vegas, Nevada.