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John Karns

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Updated: 2001-09-26

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picture I first heard of Linux around 1994. Shortly thereafter I bought a copy of Yggdrasil, which had kernel version 0.99 if I recall. One could either install it to hard drive or run it directly from the CD.

Until 1987, I worked as musician full- and part-time. My preferred musical idiom is modern jazz - John Coltrane, Mile Davis, etc.

Graduated 1983, Lawrence Institute of Technology (now Lawrence Technological University), Southfield, Mich. B.S.E.E.

First personal computers: Commodore 64 w/ TV as monitor, and Apple ][+.

1983 - 1985: field engineer with Wang Laboratories. Bought my first PC from them, an 8086 (16 bit XT style), with 256k RAM, 10MB hdd, and monochrome graphics in 1984.

Worked in an electronics shop and freelanced as programmer approx 4 yrs. Picked up some networking and RDBMS experience in an industrial IS dept., approx. 5 yrs; then more freelancing.

Since early 1998 have been implementing LAN's (Linux-based, of course) and setting up a distributed RDBMS for an educational institution in Bogotá and other parts of Colombia, South America.