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Mike Ellis

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Updated: 2001-05-29

Mike is a member of The Answer Gang.

Bio picture Mike works as a Research and Development Engineer in Surrey, England. His first experience of Unix was in 1990 at the University of Kent in Canterbury (UKC) where he also came across Linux in 1992. He has been running Linux systems at home and at work since 1996, starting with Slackware 96, although he now tends to prefer RedHat. He spends as much of his work time as possible writing code for Linux and Solaris, although unfortunately most of it is commercially confidential. Having learnt a lot from other people, Mike hopes to repay some of the debt by contributing to the Linux community through TAG. He also regularly contributes to C-Vu, the bi-monthly magazine produced by ACCU. Non-computing activities include Juliet, flying light aeroplanes and target shooting.