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Jay Ashworth

Updated: 2002-06-05

Jay is a member of The Answer Gang.

[picture] Jay has been a Unix geek in some fashion or other since the local Radio Shack Computer Centers had to password-protect their Xenix 1.2 machines *specifically* to keep him out of them, almost 20 years ago.

Since then, his administration skills have improved to the point that people actually *pay* him to take the root passwords to their Unix (and, increasingly, Linux) boxen and fix things for them. And his writing skills have, hopefully, improved enough also that he can hold his own in the Chain^WAnswer Gang.

He is also, in no particular order, a professional driver, a voiceover artist, a karaoke and background vocalist, a photographer, a graphic artist, a network and applications designer, an amateur (and lazy) pundit (baylink.pitas.com), and in no particular order. He kibitzes on the HylaFAX project, helps out the Suncoast FreeNet (on those rare occasions when something breaks), and produces lots of Public Access Television (www.accesspinellas.org), a hobby he's indulged for 13 years now.