2. System Requirements

You will need a GNU/Linux system with a kernel having PPP support pre-compiled. I have tested that both the 2.4.29 kernel and the 2.6.x series kernel work fine. Performance seems to be better using a 2.6.x kernel. If you see that some kernel modules are missing then configure and recompile the kernel with PPP support.

Check with Section 4 for the configuration of PPP.

A connecting serial cable which has on one end an RJ-45 connector which plugs into the phone and on the other end has an RS-232 serial connector which is plugged into the serial port of the PC.

I built my cable myself. I used a CAT 5 cable which has four pairs of UTP copper. CAT 5 cable is the same cable which is used for networking your system to a LAN. While you can use any type of cable, CAT 5 will assure a good quality of the signal that is sent over the wire. A typical configuration looks like this:

RS-232C Serial Female connector, which is plugged into the PC:

\                 /
 \ 5  4  3  2  1 /
  \  9  8  7  6 /


Now let's start with the PIN Configuration

NoteSerial connection details

Three strings would be enough for a serial connection, but it turned out that the signal is better when you use 5. The other strings are used for extra rigidness and support of the cable.

Now on to the RJ-45 connector, which is plugged into the WLL Phone RJ-45 jack:

[8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1]

TipHow to hold the connector

If you are confused as to which way to hold the connector, make sure that you are holding the connector in such a way that its notch pin is facing towards the floor and that the open portion (portion from where the wires enter) is facing away from you.